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Why is Recycling Important??

Why is recycling important?

Well... Why is breathing important? When you take the time to really think about it, you'll see that both of these questions have fundamentally the same answer: TO SURVIVE

I admit that the time frame between the action - or lack thereof - and the consequence - death - is much shorter in the latter inaction but, if people don't take the time to ask themselves “why is recycling important” and take affirmative action, then there will be severe consequences.

The difference in these two scenarios is that, instead of suffering the effects immediately, it will be our children's survival which will be threatened.

In this section, I will try to touch all the aspects of recycling. I will try to make you understand the importance of recycling and give you as much information as possible so that next time someone asks you why is recycling important?, you will be equipped to answer him.

And who knows, maybe one by one we will unite in our efforts and change the fate of our children and their children.

Think about it...

  • We need resources to produce everything we rely on to live a healthy life but we are slowly running out of these resources
  • We are not able to replace the resources at the same rate that we consume them
  • Because so few people understand why recycling is important, we fill our landfill with waste that could easily be recycled.
  • Nobody wants to have a landfill near their homes but we need space to put all this extra waste into and we are slowly running out of it.
  • Landfills are ticking time-bombs. Having all sorts of chemical products decomposing together makes for quite the mixes. We can't even imagine what kind of gases and chemicals will come out of this cocktail.
Have I peaked your interest? Are you still wondering why recycling is so important? Please take the time and visit my different recycling topics. They might just be the spark that you are looking for...

Note: Since I am in the process of building my site, I have not yet finished adding all the information.Some of my chapters already have some juicy information for you to get your teeth into:

I will keep on adding information as I go along. Since I want to make sure to give the best information possible, it does take some time to gather all the data.

Thank you for remembering to come see my site often to look at the new information added regularly.





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