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Recycling Metal  recycling metal

In this chapter, I will talk about another interesting topic: Metal recycling.

When we think about metals, a lot of us think about gold, silver, bronze and platinum. However many things that we use on a daily basis are built with all kinds of different metals. 

For instance, we regularly come into contact with aluminum, copper, mercury, lead, tin, iron, steel, cast-iron, etc...

We have all the metals we need around us but when we went from the stone age to the digital age in what must seem like a blink of an eye to mother nature, the demand for different metals grew so fast that we are now depleting our natural resources.  With today’s  ecological awakening, we must take a closer look at the quantities of metal we use.

recycling metal
In  previous sections we talked about electronic and electrical devices. Lots of metals are used in their conception. Aluminum casings, lead and tin solders; iron and steel used in the construction of buildings; copper wires used by electricians; copper pipe labyrinths for the plumbers; all kinds of metal alloys used by car manufacturers and the list could go on.

Metal extraction consumes considerable quantities of water and energy and produces large amounts of emissions, residue and waste.

The environmental impact of metal extraction and processing can have a very negative impact on the environment.  We have an example of this when we look at some gold-mining activities in Brazil.  They use mercury to concentrate the gold and this method has already resulted in considerable concentrations of mercury in fish.  Looking at the mechanisms of metal cycling in tropical forest ecosystems, this may have long-lasting effects.

recycling metal mine
Erzberg mine, in Austria


The important role technology has taken in this consumer driven economy dictates an increasing demand for metals.

It’s up to us to transform our industries and leave less and less trash around us. All together WE can make a difference!

I will be looking deeper in the following subjects shortly:

recycling metal
Steel recycling;
recycling metal
Copper recycling;
recycling metal
Aluminum recycling;
recycling metal
Recycling scrap metal;
recycling metal
Recycling cans;
recycling metal
Mercury recycling.

If there is some information you would like to share with us or if you would like me to get more information on a specific metal, please contact me at: rribbitt: metal recycling.

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