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We all need to help the environment by RECYCLING!!

In this section, we will look at different  ways we are impacting the environment.

To protect the health,  lifestyle and economic well-being of  future generations, we must each of us take steps to help the environment by recycling.  Mother nature offers us an abundant amount of resources to comfortably live on, but unfortunately, being humans, we always want the best, the fastest, he newest, the hottest…

Because of this, not only are we slowly running out of these resources but we are also destroying the biodiversity and the environment with all the pollution this over-consumption is creating.

It will take time and effort for us to change our need to constantly buy and up-grade, and until we do, the fastest and best way to help the environment is by recycling.

As active members of our society, we must all shake hands and take steps to reduce the amount of recyclable waste that ends up in our landfills.

We  can recycle almost everything we use and if we work conscientiously, it is possible to recycle more than 60% of the waste that is thrown away in the garbage bin.

Following is a list of ways you can adopt to help the environment by recycling:

Help the Environment by recycling Take full advantage of the curb-side recycling offered by your community:
    Some communities ask their residents to place the aluminum, plastics and glass into special containers.  Make sure to wash out your containers and sort them by type before placing them by your curb on your specified collection day.
Help the Environment by recycling Know the recycling services offered near you:
    Once you know which services are offered in your area, it is easier to organize your recycling efforts.  Most cities have partnered with environmentally conscious businesses to help us recycle easily and hassle free.   Find out about the programs in your area to help the environment by recycling.
Help the Environment by recycling Change your kitchen habits:
    eco-friendly living button Try not to use foil or plastic wrap unless absolutely necessary - use reusable containers for food storage.
    eco-friendly living button Instead of buying small quantities of packaged snacks, buy in bulk and keep in reusable containers.
    eco-friendly living button Use unbleached coffee filters.  These do not produce dioxin in their manufacturing.
    eco-friendly living button Keep rags handy in your kitchen to use them instead of wasting paper towels.
    eco-friendly living button Buy biodegradable wax paper and bags
Help the Environment by recycling Compost your kitchen scraps as much as possible:
    30% of all household waste is compostable.  Composting saves money, helps the environment and is easy to do. 
Help the Environment by recycling Buy recycled products and recyclable items:
    Buy items that can be recycled when you have a choice.  Some companies are now taking the extra step to manufacture products that can be recycled.  One good example of this is (Sharp tv which is all recyclable…) another one is with biodegradable plastic.  Some companies use biodegradable plastic bags instead of the cheaper flimsier plastic bag. 
Help the Environment by recycling Add a Low-Flow Faucet Aerator:
    By attaching a low-flow faucet aerator, you can reduce water flow by as much as 50% even though the water flow will seem stronger!!  (it’s a win-win situation!)   Imagine, if only 10,000 4-person households use a low-flow faucet aerator, over 33 million gallons of water would be saved every year.
Help the Environment by recycling Stop Junk Mail
    Have you ever stopped to think about how much paper is wasted on junk mail?  You receive the equivalent of one and a half trees of wasted paper every year as junk mail.  If we add this up, it means more than 100 million trees destroyed uselessly every single year just in North America.  What’s worst about all of this waste is that most of us don’t even look at the flyers and advertisement.  I can tell you now that I have a container near my mail box and every mass delivery that I receive goes straight into it without my having even taken the time to glimpse at it. 
Now that we have the internet,  companies should start looking at better eco-friendly ways to reach their target markets.

As you can see, there are many ways to help the environment.  If everybody keeps this in mind, the emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutions can be kept to a manageable level.

When you make a point of working to help the environment by recycling, you become part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.



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