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What is Environment Biodiversity?


According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Envirionment BIODIVERSITY is:

"the wealth of life on Earth, the millions of plants, animals, and micro-organisms, the gens they contain and the intricate ecosystems they build into the living environment".

environment Biodiversity


The Rainforest, with its millions of species of plants and animals lends itself to the most varied biodiversity on the planet. Because of the deforestation caused by our using wood-derived products, many animals and plants are now facing extinction.


Domino Effect

Have you ever heard of a domino effect?? The extinction of certain plants and animals affects the nutrition chain which brings about more extinction.

To add to this, the extinction of these species leads to a less diversified gene pool. We have no idea what this may mean for mankind.


All I do know is that I would rather not get to the point where we have to find out. It may be too late for some of the plants and animals but, if we wake up to the environment now, our Rainforests may survive for many generations yet to come.


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Environment Biodiversity

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