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Facts About Recycling Near You

In a perfect world, every branch of government would be working together and learning from each other to offer the best methods of recycling possible for their community. Unfortunately, we are far from living in such a world.  Because of this, I can’t just put the information from one city and hope it will be the same information everywhere.
It would be great if all the facts about recycling from every community in North America could be found in one place.
facts about recycling
This way, it would be easier to find the pros and cons of each system and maybe through this sharing of information we could find a uniform way of recycling everywhere.
I am putting this page up even though it is not yet complete because I am hoping you will help me get as much regional information as possible for all to browse through.


If you have information about the recycling in your community – programs, centers, ideas – please let me know and I will add it to the site.  Click here - facts about recycling to send me your e-mail.

For my part, I will contact the municipal governments and get information.

Until then, here are a few pointers to get information about recycling in your community:

Go to

In the search bar, type ‘the name of your city’ followed by ‘recycling’. 
(ie: Ottawa city recycling)

For now, I found a great program for the city of Ottawa.  It’s called
Take it Back!

And I also have information for the city of Toronto: Click here for facts about recycling for the city of Toronto.

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