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Benefits of Composting

There are many activities we can participate in to help the environment:

There is Benefits of Compostingrecycling, Benefits of Compostingwater conservation, Benefits of Compostingfuel efficiency, Benefits of compostingsmart shopping...

But, I think, the most environmentally beneficial activity we can participate in is composting.

Think about it, over 30% of the waste in North America is made up of household waste. Most landfills are becoming saturated, many of them having already had to close down.

By composting, we are slowing down this overflow. Even better... If we just take the time to recycle cans, plastic and newspaper WHILE composting, we have taken out over 50% of the waste.

On top of conserving landfill space, diverting organic matter deposition helps reduce the production of leachate and methane gasses (both of which add to the cost of operating a landfill).

Benefits of Composting

It is believed that these gas emissions can have reproductive and carcinogenic effects. Intense fires are also a threat due to the volatile nature of the gases.

And of course, let's not forget that the bottom of a landfill is not sealed tight. Toxins are therefore leaked into the surrounding groundwater.

The benefits of composting mentioned above are all benefits that won't be felt in the here and now. When something is not concrete, where there is still debate surrounding it, where the governments are not really stepping up and imposing legislation, it is easy to just sit back and wait until something more specific comes along.

Well, let's take the time then to look at benefits of composting that can actually help us out individually:

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You take your organic waste (things you would usually just throw away) and turn it into natural fertilizers and top soil ($$$)
Eco Friendly Living Button  It's RENEWABLE!!
Chemical fertilizers, which are made from petroleum and have additives added to them are not renewable. You have to keep buying them every year ($$$).
Eco Friendly Living Button It IMPROVES THE SOIL without any Chemicals!
  • Compost is a highly nutritious soil amendment. It balances the pH and CNPK levels
  • It retains moisture and oxygen to the soil
  • Compost will cool the surface of the soil
  • It nourishes the roots thanks to the nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and other nutrients found in humus. This strong, vigorous root structure helps to diminish erosion - which is often attributed to low fertility.
  • It helps break up heavy clay soils
  • It retains water better in sandy soils.
  • It restores minerals and micro-nutrients giving vitality to our depleted soils.
  • It Increases moisture retention capacity of soil protecting it from draught.
  • It helps the formation of aggregates in the soil. This increases soil permeability and decreases the need for irrigation and fertilization
Eco Friendly Living Button It PROTECTS YOUR PLANTS!!
  • Compost provides food for microorganisms, which keep the soil healthy and balanced.
  • These microscopic organisms will help aerate the soil. They also help break down organic material making it more available for the plants.
  • Natural biodegradation will decontaminate the soil from harmful pathogens and pollutants.
  • Composting , such as vermicomposting will add plant hormones to the soil such as auxins and biggerellic acid.
  • Composting enhances germination, fuels plant growth and improves yields of crops
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With compost instead of fertilizers and pesticides in your backyard, you don't have to worry about the dangers to your pets and family.
Eco Friendly Living Button  It PROTECTS THE ECOSYSTEM!!
  • The process of composting kills pathogens. This takes away the need for pesticides and nitrogen and trace mineral fertilizers thus protecting the ecosystem.
  • 6% of the total CO2-equivalent gases in Quebec come from landfills. By reducing the amount of organic matter in the landfills, we can bring the level of greenhouse gases down.

Our soils are depleted to such a degree that many doctors are now advising us that we should not only rely on fruits and vegetables to get our daily recommended dose of vitamins and minerals.

Replenishing humus and organic matter will bring the nutrients

back into our soils!

I don't know about you but I think that the benefits of composting speak for themselves.



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Benefits of Composting


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