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What is Compost?


Compost :  (also known as brown manure)

Compost is a solid mature product resulting when micro-organisms  work and generate heat.  This elevated temperature helps to  decompose your organic garden and household waste transforming it into a nutrient-rich soil amendment that buffers the pH and retains moisture and oxygen in the soil.

Compost cools the surface of the soil and nourishes the roots of the plants with nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and other rich nutrients.  By making the roots healthier and stronger, you can help control soil erosion. 

Whatever your soil type, mixing compost with it will improve its quality.  The compost  serves as a porous, absorbent material that  retains moisture and soluble minerals making your soil  easy to dig and keeping it well aerated.  
Compost even changes the structure of problematic soils.  It breaks up heavy clay soils while retaining water in sandy soils.

And…. most of all….. Compost is CHEMICAL FREE!!!  What these two beautiful words mean is that,  children and pets can have all the fun they want to have in your back yard and you don’t have to worry about their being exposed to toxins, synthetic products or dangerous chemicals.

What more is there to say?!?  Follow my links to learn what is compost and to become the best composter that you can be.




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